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In Addition —

Collaboration is a catalyst that redefines what’s possible

In Addition —

In addition is a platform for Round to share the stories we tell through collaborating with our clients. When we collaborate big things can happen.

The Creators was a simple idea sparked from a conversation. We’d noticed that the craftsmanship that goes into creating a complex dish mirrors the talent and tenacity required to play a musical instrument. What would happen when you pair two of Victoria’s most iconic chefs (Andrew McConnell and Dan Hunter) with the world renowned Melbourne Symphony Orchestra?

The orchestra selected two different compositions, which inspired the chefs to create a menu. The menu was then shared with the orchestra who drew inspiration to generate the repertoire to perform at the events.

This was not your average lunch and dinner with background music. This was the coming together of artistic giants in a way that has not been seen, heard or tasted before in Melbourne. It was a truly sensory experience and a fine example of what can unfold when unexpected partnerships are formed.